Welcome to A COMMON GEOLOGY. We are pleased to finally introduce this project. We have been working on it for over 5 years now and we are ready to reveal some images, poetry and stories. On this page we will be posting all the places that we travel for A COMMON GEOLOGY and the stops that we make. I will post photographs of curious, interesting and relevant geologic features that we come across, and, as always, we will give you GPS coordinates so that if you happen to live or be traveling in the same area you can find the exact location yourself. We will often give you a quick narrative in this blog on the rock we are investigating, and later, a more in-depth story. At times we will visit with other geologists and get more regional expertise on certain areas of interest that we will share with you.

We have enlisted the help of a very talented poet, John Canady and an accomplished composer, Linda Chase to help us to tell this ongoing story.  John will write a poem for each of the five categories and Linda will compose an original musical piece. In using this interdisciplinary teaching method we hope to further engage our readers in the geologic process.

Since the Federal Highway Act of 1956 opened up roadways across our nation geologists have reaped the benefits by having slices of the past revealed in unprecedented ways. These cross sections of geologic history continue to provide opportunities for study. These unique sections of history along with many other canyons, cliffs, seashores, national parks, deserts and other exposures will be explored and documented. Some rocks we will photograph in detail and post on this sight. Others may not pass as a quality image, but we can give still give you a picture of where we are and occasionally a video or two. Additionally, since our objective is to produce true and artistic images, we promise that we will keep lens caps, pocket knives, rock hammers and small children out of of view. While this technique can be a quick tool to add scale to an image, we will use instead our closest dimensions in meters and centimeters to denote scale.  Our photographs and descriptions will not all be posted on the website at one time. We will rotate them, add new ones and store the others. This will ensure that there is always something fresh for our readers to enjoy. A COMMON GEOLOGY is an ongoing project so keep checking back with us.

At times Dan just has a good geology story to tell so we may veer off topic when that happens and just stop and let him “tell us a story” they are always fascinating. We also love to keep up on the new geologic discoveries and developments so when we run across something new about our earth we will share that with you as well in this blog.

We, at A COMMON GEOLOGY, will introduce you to where we grew up and the stories and places that first intrigued us, in the hope that you will go out and discover more about your surroundings and what the rocks are like below your feet. We will give you some ideas and links about how you can discover more about where you live.  Everyone should get better acquainted with this rock that we are hurtling through space upon. The existence of all creatures on earth will be enhanced by our improved understanding of the past. If you consider that all rocks are minerals and every living thing needs those minerals to survive, then you can begin to see how these rocks are important to our very existence. They may seem static to us but they are dynamically interwoven with life on earth.
I personally am not a geologist but I don’t believe one has to be in order to appreciate geologic processes. One does not have to be a biologist to wonder about the life of a butterfly, or an astronomer to have your curiosity peaked when the earth passes through the Perseid meteor shower but you do have to have curiosity and wonder and a desire to find the answers.
-Lisa K Verploegh –