So just who are we and what is A Common Geology? I am an Albuquerque-based Photographer and writer, and my partner, Daniel Harris, is a former oil-and-coal geologist from Kentucky now living in Massachusetts. We met in 2006 on a work camp I was leading for Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala. The Habitat volunteers and I were all spending our days digging foundations, unearthing various rocks from that region. When we learned Dan was a geologist, we started bringing him any interesting specimens we came across. In his laconic way, he explained how the rock had formed millions of years ago. Listening to him, led us back in time to the original formation of the rock. Dan told his geology stories using analogies that held our interest and terms that non-geologists could understand. Months later, on a road-cut in south Texas, I stopped to investigate some rocks, something I had done many times over the years. I brought my camera out and began photographing the interesting outcrop. I later passed on some of my  photographs to Dan and asked if he could write a description of them in the same way that he had described the rocks in Guatemala. That was the beginning of A Common Geology project.

Since then we have teamed up with poet John Canaday who has begun writing a poem for each of the five sections,  and composer and musician LInda Chase who is writing an original composition for the same.

A Common Geology is meant to be “rocks for the rest of us.” We hope you’ll enjoy learning how to read what we call “the book of time,” the story of our planet written in the rocks around us.